13 Reasons Why: Can There Be A Season 5?


Another school year at Liberty High came and went. Unfortunately for 13 Reasons Why fans, this will also be the last year that they will see their favourite characters on the small screen when the show ends after four seasons. The TV series, Netflix, changed things for the streaming giant by how hungry the audience was for more TV shows. And similarly, when it premiered it had a tremendous impact on the world, it is now leaving a lasting impression on the fans.

13 Reasons Why season 5

The show’s finale has brought the characters not only to the end of their journey on screen, but also Liberty High. Many shows have been held in the past, with fans wondering why the show did not continue even after his graduation. There is no doubt that the show could have been thanks to its loyal audience and fans for a long time.

Why don’t you go together According to the founder’s Brian Yorkey, it was time to say goodbye to the characters. “Somewhere we were doing season 2, when I clearly saw that we could do more seasons, I found a place where I felt the story of season four. Weekly-Kashmir. So for a long time, it’s an idea, if we had to be so lucky to have a chance, Then we’ll make it four. It’s definitely in season 4. ”

13 Reasons Why season 5 cast

“When I saw clearly that we would be able to do it for more seasons, I quickly moved to a place like a four-season story,” he said.


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