The Wonder Years: Reboot With Black Family Is On The Cards


Fans of “Wonderful Years” may be lucky enough to star again for a popular tab show. Potential new followers have been established in the late 1960s when the first show debuted – but this time it focuses on the lives of black families rather than whites.

The proposed 30-minute comedy network test project is sourced from the network, which means the tab will be ready for ABC. If ABC approves the pilot script, there will be a small group of writers at the event, the network announced on Wednesday.

The Wonder Years cast

The goal is to develop the show for the 2021-2022 season.

The first edition of the upcoming series was published by ABC from 1988 to 1993. His main focus was on the teenage transformation by Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage), his main interest, and his neighbour Gwendolyn “Winnie Cooper” (Danica McKellar) and her close friend Paul Pfeiffer (Jose Saviano).

According to the new network, middle-class black families are targeting the network to show that “they are having amazing years”. The network said it was planning to relaunch in Montgomery, Alabama. The first characters live their lives in unfamiliar rural areas. Former executive director Saldin Peterson writes for “Big Theory” and Lee Daniel, the “Emperor” producer.

The Wonder Years show

Mc Velez, president of Lee Daniel Television, will be executive at Lee Daniel Entertainment. Suez is spared both direct and executive products. The first nail marlin in a series of “creators” serves as a protector.

McKellar took a picture with her and Savage on Wednesday night for the new project.


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