Amphibia: When Will Season 3 Of Animated Series Air On Disney?


The new episodes will range from fan-favourite shades and guest movie stars: Kermit the Frog to George Takei (and many more). Popular Disney Channel actress and star Brenda Song (Dollface) stars as the brave, independent teenager Anne Boonchué, who is magically transported to the fictional world of Amphibia, a rural swamp filled with frog people. Created and produced by award-winner Annie Matt Braille (storyboard director/artist, Gravity Falls), the series is inspired by his legacy, his childhood and family travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

Amphibi When Will Season 3 cast

Along with Song starring Justin Fellinger (Miles from Tomorrowland) as a swift planting, forcing a lifelong friendship with Anne; Amanda Leighton (this is for us) as the unpredictable Polliwog (aka tadpole), Polly Plantar, the youngest member of the Plantar family; And Disney legend Bill Farmer (silly voice) as a hypercompetitive, traditional pop grandpa.

When the second season arrives, Anne and Planters are on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the music box as they leave the cosy confluence of Westwood for the distant city of Neutopia. The new season will feature a tribute to the success of Disney Gravity Falls, with guest voices presented by series producer / executive producer Alex Hirsch.


A new short-form series, Chubby Tiny Tales, will continue to roll out on Disney’s YouTube Channel on Sunday, incorporating Chubby-style versions of favourite Disney Channel characters in wild adventures together. The first six shorts highlight the Anne and Plantar family. In two new theme song acquisitions that debuted later this year, Sasha and her Toad Army won the song with their own song, while Spreeg switched the song to an 8-bit video game.

Amphibia’s shirts and outlets are currently available at, featuring an exclusive shirt designed by producer and executive producer Matt Braille.


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