Avengers Endgame: Can We Expect A Director’s Cut Of The MCU Movie?


Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo reacted to the news of the release of Justice League Snyder’s Cut. He also discussed his experience working with Marvel Studios.

DC Extended Universe fans have been blessed with the news that Justice League Jack Snyder has been released on the HBO online streaming platform. As Justice League fans and acting stars expressed their happiness at the release of Snyder’s Cut, Joe Russo, co-director of Avengers: Endgame, was asked what he thought of the development in the Washington camp. The director said it is always “fantastic” to see the director’s vision on the screen.

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It was a lot of footage with three, sometimes four units working every day pumping material, “Ford said.” But if you do it little by little you can overcome it. ”

They were very kind and respectful and supported us a lot in our viewing of those films and the editing room. We have worked very hard on the current cut of those films, so we are very lucky to have published our director’s cut on those four films.” Revealed.

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In the meantime, Snyder has been happy to present his version of the Justice League. After the announcement of the launch of the film’s online streaming platform, Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter: “This will be something completely new, and in particular speaking to those who have seen the film released, that film A New Experience. , you probably noticed. A quarter of what I did. “


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