Ben Affleck’s Batman Return Seems Possible! Here’s Why?


Affleck will regain control of his Batman, whose creative freedom is the reason for his approval. Geoff Johns had previously been held responsible for Affleck’s sudden start, as he is known to interfere with the decisions made in the script. But now that Zack Snyder is back and the Snyder cut is released, Ben Affleck has agreed to make a comeback as Batman, also on HBO Max.

The Batman cast

Snyder wanted to get Affleck on board as his choice for the DCEU Dark Knight, and when Snyder left the Justice League, Affleck decided it was time to go.
I think a lot of people got it wrong about why he stayed, “Murphy explains. A lot of people will say,” Oh, Ben stopped because he almost killed himself in the role … “They go on. Indeed Ben played the part about Jack. Jack convinced her, he sold it on the pitch, he loved the idea and he built that loyalty to Jack. When Jack left, Ben was still lagging behind and he said, “I can do this job I’ll do that. I’m still producing it. I’ll do it.

According to Murphy, Affleck agreed when Batman returned to HBO Max because he didn’t want to take anything away from the new Robert Pattinson Batman, who starred in the upcoming Matt Reeves film.

Robert Pattinson On Choosing Batman

Basically, Ben played the role because of Jack. Jack told him he convinced, he sold. He loved the idea of ​​the place and built that loyalty to Jack. When Jack left, Ben was still left behind. Eventually, his own health concerns surfaced and he realized what He was doing this way, he didn’t get what he wanted he wouldn’t play the role he signed up for and it was just an agreement by agreement, “Murphy concluded.

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