Charlie’s Angel: Will A Sequel Of The Reboot Movie Happen?


If fans love anything more than a reboot, it’s a sequel to the reboot. There is something to revive a beloved entertainment and then continue your journey, very fun and exciting. With that in mind, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to fans who are already desperate to know if they’ll get a sequel to Charlie’s Angels 2019 reboot.

The Reboot Movie cast

First, it’s important to understand where the new film is set with the rest of the franchise. Charlize Angels originally began as a TV series in the 1970s. When the first Charlies Angels film premiered in 2000, it was a continuation of the premiere of the original show, not its entertainment. The same goes for Charlie’s Angels. In fact, the franchise’s past plays a huge role in the story of the 2019 film.

Because of all this, it would make sense to have another film next year. Since each film is a continuation of the story, it is not the case that the creators have to rely on (or run out of) material sources for future projects.

The Reboot

So far, there is no official word on whether there will be another sequel. For their part, however, the actors are interested in continuing with the stories of their characters. In an interview with Good Morning America, when asked if there would be a sequel, Kristen Stewart and Ella Baliska led the crowd. “It’s up to you,” Stewart said, shouting at Balisha, “do you mean you want a sequel?” Of course, the audience responded with a thunderous round of applause.

If the future of the potential sequence depends on the audience, there is a high probability that it will be one of them. Already, Twitter fans are demanding more from the franchise.


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