Chris Brown’s Son Already Dances Like His Father


Chris Brown’s little son takes Ae seriously! Adorable 27-year-old Ammika Harris from around the world danced to a new father’s song in a new clip. The seven-month-old boy was wearing white pants, and with a white T-shirt with the image of a tiger on the front, he moved his arms and packed his hips like a professional. The video was shot by Ammika, sitting on the floor wearing a white dress, showing her movements with her hands on Ae’s back.

Chris Brown’s  celeb

Although Chris is not physically fit, he has reviewed the club and subtitled “Pampe BREEZY” with a red heart and a DNA emoji. The musical talent was in Ae’s blood. At that speed, you dance like a father in front of preschool! Aeko has been in Germany for almost forty years since 2020 and the “forever” young singer is missing more than ever! A source in the father of the two children said Hollywood does not want Chris to reunite with the boy.


They said, citing COVID-19 restrictions that prevent U.S. citizens from travelling to countries. Like Germany. His son is constantly in control and plans to visit Germany or return to Aeko to the US if he is safe.”

The source told HL that Chris will do everything in his power to reunite with the young man and that he will not be in danger in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. He needs to hug his son, but priority is best for his son and that’s safety. They plan to talk about saying goodbye as soon as they give up.” A second source also told us that Chris was sure his son was in good hands.


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