Dark Desire: Did Netflix Renew The Mexican Series For A Season 2?


Netflix’s new Spanish thriller, Dark Desire (known as Oscaro Deseo), is a twisted story of betrayal, obsession, and murder. If the season returns to 2, it leaves the show to decompress a lot, as the streaming service has yet to report any updates.

Dark Desire cast

The series revolves around Alma Solares (Maite Peroni), a lawyer and 30-year-old college professor who visits her best friend over the weekend to help with the divorce process. But things change when Alma – who is married to a judge with many of her secrets – meets a 23-year-old boy named Dario (Alejandro Spitzer). They both have a “savage attempt” to forget that Alma would go home … until Dario appears to be a student in his classes. Netflix’s official synopsis says, “What begins as a small adventure becomes an explosive obsession, and then a dangerous obsession, unravelling some mysteries of the past.”

Stars Spitzer and Peroni, members of the Mexican Grammy-nominated RBD pop group, include actors Dark Desire George Poza (Leonardo), Regina Pavone (Zoe), Maria Fernanda Yepes (Brenda) and Eric Hasser (Esteban). ). The series was written by Leticia López Margalli, while it was directed by Pitipol Yabra and Kenya Mercéz.

Dark Desire 2 Season Plot: What could it be?

Dark Desire cast

Directed by Pedro P. Ybbara and Kenya Merkaz, ‘Dark Desire’ introduces us to Alma, a teacher who teaches at the law school and marries a judge named Leonardo who hides many secrets. They are the parents of Zoe. Alma, the spark that erupts at the wedding, goes to her best friend over the weekend to help the latter in his grief after an ugly divorce.

When Alma meets 23-year-old Dario Guerra, Josh changes up in a short night. He returned home with a resolution to forget the incident. When Dario lands in his class, he prepares for some deadly events, in a murder. Detective Stephen is in hell to find the killer and is suspicious of Dario’s intentions. Season 1 ends on an explosive note, solving the Dun-It mystery, but it also opens up a number of connected stories – something we hope for in the upcoming version.


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