Detective Pikachu 2: Which Pokémon Can Appear In The Sequel Film?


Legendary’s Pokemon Detective is a live-action game about Pikachu Pocket Monsters, but here’s what detective Pikachu can expect from fans. The Pocket Monster franchise first launched in the 90s, making the world a storm with video games, commercial card games and animated television shows. Popular TV shows include characters like Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, as well as “Got All All!” Sentences. Although Pokemon has spread to all types of IP media, the Pokemon company has not yet ventured into the realm of live-action cinema.

Detective Pikachu 2 show

In 2016, the Pokemon brand was revived with the launch of the Pokémon Go mobile, but this year Legendary acquired the rights to be a live-action Pokemon movie. Because Detective Pikachu doesn’t follow the brand’s most famous story, which is Pokemon Trainer. there is. The legend was played by Rob Letterman to direct the live-action / CGI hybrid. They were Detective Ryan Reynolds Pikachu and director of actors Justice Smith.

Seeing as Detective Pikachu is going to theatres around the world, fans should be very excited about what they will have in the future in this Pokemon universe. Finally, with the rights to Legendary’s Pokemon Movie, the studio has the opportunity to develop all kinds of Pocket Monster movies. To date, only one live-action Pokemon film has been confirmed; Here’s everything we know about Detective Pikachu 2 and future Pokemon movies.

Detective Pikachu 2 is in the works

In January, Legendary filmed writer Oren Uziel’s 22 Jump Street to write the screenplay for Detective Pikachu’s sequel.  Legendary announced Detective Pikachu in July 2016 and the film will be released in less than three years, with the sequel set to hit theatres in 2022 or late 2021. Unless the legend needs to reduce the time it takes for post-production work, this situation can come first. Detective Pikachu’s reviews have been incredibly positive that the film can be a success, almost ensuring a sequel, although the main obstacle will be Detective Pikachu’s budget.

Detective Pikachu 2 cast

There will be more Pokemon movies

Since Legendary saves live-action movies for the entire franchise, Detective is sure about the Pokemon movies he followed with Pikachu. So far, the studio has maintained it’s full implicit, even revealing that Pokemon movies aren’t revealed. Given the popularity of the Detective Pikachu 2 brand, it is unlikely that the studio will be stable for the franchise. long.


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