Hailey Bieber Apologizes For Her Bad Restaurant Behavior


If you worked in the service industry, then you know the hell that works with fugitive customers. But what happens when these customers are on the famous A list? In the case of Julia Caroline, a former hostess who worked for “a luxury restaurant in Manhattan,” she ticked.

Hailey Bieber

I’ve met it many times, and it wasn’t good every time.” Bieber apologized to Carolan in the comments section, writing,” I found this video, and I want to apologize to you forever having it. bad feeling or bad attitude. That’s my intention someday. “No!”

Carolan has photographed herself showing several celebrities living at the table. From Beyoncé to Iron Sisters, Carolan scored stars on a scale of over 10. However, a horror review was done for model Hillary Bieber. “It would be controversial,” Carolan said.I really love him, but I have to give him 3.5 points. 10. Sorry.” Bieber spreads the viral story and makes comments in the video, apologizing for his alleged behaviour.

Another celebrity who received a low-gloss rating was Kylie Jenner. “She was fine but she paid $ 20 on a $ 500 denomination bill,” Carolan said of billionaire founder Kylie Cosmetics. Therefore, I will give it two points out of ten.”

Hailey Bieber celeb

Kylie Kendall Jenner’s sister also received a low rating. She was coming all the time and she was very much on the staff side. She was usually speaking on behalf of someone and not talking directly to the staff Thea. Kerolan said before giving Kendall four: “I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and she says. She is shy”.


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