High Seas: Season 3 Official Release Date At Netflix?


Gone are the days when people would board a luxury cruise ship and go to unfamiliar places across the ocean. Now, even though we have luxury cruises, they have changed a lot of what we see on the high seas. This period drama takes us aboard a ship bound for Brazil from Spain, and each passenger has his own motive and direction. Amid the dirty mysteries and dangerous games, travellers play each other, the journey is an event so far. With the second season closed, we have to go to Rio de Janeiro, we have a lot to think about next season.

High Seas Season 3 cast

Has Netflix renewed the high seas for season 3?

There is currently no official announcement about season 3, but Elspanol’s blooper section claims to have inside information. He has reported that the show has already been renewed for season 3 behind closed doors, and a fourth season is also in progress. We cannot verify the accuracy of the claims, but this may be the expected news we have been waiting for.

When should we wait for season 3?

All speculation is based on when Netflix will be announced. Season 2 premiered in November 2019 and filming for season 3 was reported to have started at that time as well. If that’s the case, we will ideally watch season 3 in late 2020. However, as you know, the COVID-19 pandemic could be a stumbling block to those plans and we may have to wait until 2021 for new episodes.

Who is possible in the cast of High Seas Season 3?

One of the things about a random murder show is that the characters you’ve loved can be erased in an instant. Regular Ivana Bakero (Eva Villanueva) and Alejandra Oniva (Carolina Villanueva) return along with other familiar faces. The main investigator on board the ship, with Barbara de Braganza (José Sacriston) and John Cortaragena (Nicolás Vásquez) as captain, placed other main actors within the cast. For those who are not familiar with Spanish actors and actresses, like Eloy. Azorin (Fernando Fabregas) and Manuela Velis (Louisa Sophia Plazala) would not make sense until you really saw the series.

High Seas Season 3 show

What do we expect in the plot of season 3 of the high seas?

At the end of season 2, Barbara de Braganza was arriving at the port of Rio de Janeiro. Some of the mysteries that started in the second season were not solved, which makes us think that we will be a little out of place next season. We are not sure if the next season will be picked up in Rio and if we will see Cruise’s other legs. The second season had a lot of paranormal stories, and it could also continue into season 3. There is still a lot of uncertainty as we should expect this series to progress. It is so open that the listener can direct us almost anywhere.


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