Idris Elba Reflects Over His Coronavirus Situation


LOS ANGELES: Actor Idris Elba has denied that they are “stupid” and that they are paying lies about their coronavirus diagnosis. American rapper Cardi B recently stated that celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19 will be able to afford to avoid the diagnosis. On Wednesday, Ilabi dismissed the theories without naming Cardi B on her Instagram Live.

Idris Elba

“I have to pay someone like me to say‘ coronaviruses ’to make people absolutely sick,” the actor said. The 47-year-old Elba was also popularly believed by celebrities to have better access to coronavirus testing because they are richer. Apparently I was tempted, but I got it too. Am I? Do I prefer it? I don’t understand? That. I think the negativity around test-shaming is revenge. I don’t think people get out of there.”

Cardi B posted the video on Instagram, saying that celebrities are not honest with COVID-19’s diagnosis.

“But I’m looking at these basketball players,‘ Yeah, I have a coronavirus, but I had no symptoms. Tell me what it is and what it doesn’t. If there’s a problem (the government) isn’t really telling me what it is. Tell me what it is and what it is. Transparency is probably the best thing at the moment. If you feel sick or think you should be tested or are not exposed, do something about it.” This is really important. “In the video, Mr Elba stated that “we live in a divided world right now, we can feel it.”There are many people whose lives have been affected.”


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