Katy Perry Wants Jennifer Aniston As Her Child’s Godmother


just as we thought we wouldn’t be happier with the birth of Katy Perry and Orlando Blues’ daughter, we’ve just received some exciting news about the baby’s choice: Jennifer Annison.

He travelled social distances in significant time and spent a lot of time. As a result, the 35-year-old singer and 43-year-old actress asked the official mother and Aniston was equally passionate. She was very worried about it and cried when asked.

And while nothing has yet been confirmed by Perry or Aniston, we believe that Star of Friends will do a wonderful God (unless he is first honoured). In fact, Anston is already the wife of 16-year-old Country Cox old daughter Coco

Jennifer Aniston cast

But they are reports – let’s argue. Model (and former Brazilian) Miranda Kerr and BFF-turn-framed-close friend Taylor Sweden may be good candidates for their mothers.
In the photo, Ryrie cracks her stomach and sings, “We’ve seen this in sixty years with a whole family tree.

Last year, two years after “Never Again”, the singer would perform on Valentine’s Day last year. This will be their first child (with 9-year-old Flynn).

The footage of Perry is shown wearing all white clothes hugging her stomach and singing, “We have seen in sixty years with a whole family tree (I do it).”

The singer “Never Really Over” got involved with Bloom on Valentine’s Day last year after dating and stopping her for two years.
Congratulations Katy and Orlando … and maybe Jane!


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