Kill Bill Vol. 3: Star Vivica Fox Wanted Zendaya To Do The Role Of Her Daughter In The New Movie


Fox has some casting ideas for a possible Kill Bill: Volume 3 – and they bring in Zendaya!

The actor spoke to NME about a sequence in the Quentin Tarantino franchise, with the magazine stating: “I don’t have any official words. I was feeling like [Tarantino] was waiting for my daughter to grow up [actor he Plays]. Fox, 55, played the role of Vernita Green. He, Uma Thurman, tries to kill the killer Joe the Bride, who loses it alone, however, leaving a young daughter behind.

Kill Bill Vol. 3

The star said that Tarantino, in a publication, believes Zendaya, 23, is the role of Vernita’s adult daughter.

“I was doing an interview and they asked me, which young actor will get the actor to play your daughter? But he meant an established actor, ”said Fox, referring to the young actress, who played her daughter in the film Kill Bill: Volume 1.

And that would probably be the green light for this project. Because she and Uma are so tall, and it would just be a kick and I love it.”

“Let’s hope we can get out now, for example,” Tarantino, throw away Zendaya!

The Kill Bill franchise focused on The Bride (Thurman) seeking revenge from Bill (David Carradine). He promised her on her wedding day and kidnapped her daughter.

Kill Bill Vol. 3

On a mission to find his wife, the bride-to-be confronts Bill’s many killers, including Vernita, Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah) and O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu).

In December 2019, Tarantino talked about a possible third in Kill Bill, telling Andy Cohen that he had a story to work on his SiriusXM show.

Then what would happen to the bride and what would I like to do. I don’t want to come up with a cocky adventure. She doesn’t deserve it. She has a long and difficult marriage.” Of. “


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