Reprisal: Did Hulu Renewed The Series For A Season 2?


Reprisal is a drama series broadcast on Hulu. It is directed by Jonathan Van Tulken, written by Josh Corbin, and filmed in Willington, North Carolina. Revenge has always been a favourite topic for both show creators and audiences alike. Whether sweet or not, we can’t really say, but it’s definitely very interesting to see a revenge drama on screen. When performed by a woman, the subject is even more hypnotized. Retaliation has such characteristics.

Reprisal season 2 cast

The show is about a disgraced woman seeking revenge on her brother and his gang, who had brutally acted against him. It may remind you of some special features of The Handmade Tale, such as taking control of strong female leads, creating even stronger allies, and taking revenge on the injustice done in the past. But, unlike The Handmaid’s Tale, the show shows a serious plot. Even the brutal bloodshed scenes are filmed with great simplicity and fashion.

Rest assured, the series has the right balance of darkness, style, and some great performances – basically all the elements needed to hook the audience from the start. And it wasn’t a surprise when the series received rave reviews from fans after its release. So the next question is, will it be renewed or, in other words, will there be a second season? Read on to find out.

Reprisal season 2 release date:

Hulu made a pilot order for production in June 2018. The episode is written by Josh Corbin, who is also the executive producer on the show. In February 2019, Hulu released a serial order and repeats season 1 in Hulu on December 6, 2019. All 10 episodes fell on a single date on the platform.

Now, as for the second season, Hulu has yet to make an official announcement. The decision depends entirely on your approval rating and whether the creators have decided to let it work for several seasons. However, if everything fails, we can expect the season 2 premiere to premiere in December 2020, most likely.

Reprisal season 2 show

What About The Plot Reprisal

The series follows a fatal woman who is building her army to disembark the men who did her wrong. Catherine’s brother and his gang captured the city and corrupted everything to the roots. They like to believe that this is the best time they live in. They are powerful and untouchable, removing all obstacles on their way. So what happens when Catherine crosses your path? They tie him to a chain, drag him to the ground with his truck, and let him die.

Not enough to keep a low profile and even change her name to Doris, she decides to take her long-awaited revenge and end her unfinished business. Doris joins Ethan and she joins them based on some common trauma from the past. Together, they begin a dark and Physical game of revenge that includes guns, blood, sinister plots, and hyper-noir dramas.


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