The Last Airbender 2: Will We Get A Sequel Of Avatar Live Action Film?


That it would produce a live-action Avatar: The Final Airbender, which ( And now we’re in the gambling empire) could serve as a sequel to the beloved animated series.

There is no question about most of those plans now. The original hope was to start production in 2019, but by the end of the year, the team was still writing and broadcasting. Now, it looks like 2021 or 2022, so, like, forever. The good news is that Netflix brought the original creators, Contizco and DeMartino, to work as executive producers and shorthanded. As of January 2020, the team was still pitching, and the team was reported to be “primarily looking for Asian artists and a 12-14-year-old Asian boy to play Ang.”

The Last Airbender

The team’s focus is on “culturally appropriate artists, not limed”, The Last Airbender has a direct answer, The film was properly destroyed (Rotten owns 5% of it on Tomatoes) for its lack of storytelling and the use of many Caucasian actors to portray explicitly non-Caucasian characters. (Aang’s character is based on the Nepalese monks; Katara and Sokka are based on the Inuit people; Zuko is based on the Chinese imperial royalty, and so on)

It’s also worth noting the creators’ use of the term “retail.” In the current canon, the events that follow the avatar are counted in The Legend of Korra, which will take up to 70 years in the future. It is embodied in the tail, next to the next, after the nucleus. It is still unclear if the Netflix series will attempt to bridge the gap between Avatar and Cora. For the term “retail,” however, we have no hope for that actual sequel.

But it’s hard to imagine the creative team behind the greatest animated television series of all time, just wanting to remake its creation. The original series ended with the gang pitted against the fire god Ojai. And although the story ends with the world without war, there are still many conflicts; Think of the four nations as the world at the end of World War II (Fire Nation is also based on the Japanese Imperial Army). Empresses do not collapse without consequences.


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