The Magicians: What Are The Chances For The Renewal Of The Series For Season 6?


The Wizards ended their series in the United States last night (April 1) and the Syfy series made sure it was truly dramatic. During this episode, the Breakbills gang exploits the planet Philin to die. When Eliot and Kadi were left behind on Earth, they began taking steps to adapt to life without Josh, Margo, Fenn and Alice, who were adapting to life in 2.0 by completing the multiverse.

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When the episode ended, the newly crowned Great King Margo ended the series with an expectation and a positive note, preparing to free all the Filorians from the Ark. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the episode’s theatrical events, showrunners Serra Gamble and John McNamara reported that they had always known that they would destroy Philly at the end of this season. We have a vision every season that if there is a story we want to do, we won’t save it later, we will do it now,” he continued.

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The show’s owners only knew in the season that it wouldn’t return in season 6, which allowed them to leave the task of writing a season finale that could even serve as the end of a proper series, and John said the line. Serra is very well balanced and co-written by Henri Alonso Myers. “It was really hard to ride in that stumble, and they put it on very easily,” he said. “I don’t end up with a very unusually optimistic note for us. I mean you need to be optimistic enough if you want someone to produce a season on TV. Write a big check.


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