The Many Saints of Newark: What We Know So Far About The Sopranos Spin-Off Film


A new entry for the Sopranos canon is simultaneously exhilarating and a troubling prospect. A cinematic follow-up to Dear Breaking Bad is a bold move, but with Newark, we’ll add fresh brushstrokes to a masterpiece. This made the DVD boxset a commercial success. He won 21 Emmys in primetime and five Golden Globes. He is considered the best television show in history. The late James Gandolfini is seen giving one of the best acting performances ever. Here we still know everything about Newark, including a new release date.

The Sopranos

Who is on board?

Soprano fans should be relieved to hear that alumni of the original show have returned. David Chase, producer of The Sopranos, Shorter, Head Writer, producer (and in one episode, his voice is from God) is leading the film. The Chase company is working as an executive producer on the film led by Douglas Abell, executive vice president at Chase Films, who worked at The Grand Budapest Hotel, Manchester on the Sea, HBO’s estate and more.

Who will star?

Alessandro Nivola is set to star in the movie – you can remember him as a prolific explorer model in Nicholas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, or as a dominant FBI boss in American Hustle: Varma Farmiga and John Bernthal, also on undisclosed paper.

The Sopranos Spin-Off Film baneer

Which Soprano characters will return?

Nivola is expected to play the character of Richard “Dickie” Moltissanti. While the character never appeared in The Sopranos, even through flashbacks, Dickey revealed a lot about his story. He was a cousin of Carmella Soprano and was shot when her son Christopher Moltisanti was still a baby. Tony Soprano (Gandolfini) felt utter disgust towards Chrissy, and Chrissy received a full episode to avenge her father’s death.

What is the movie about?

The great success of The Sopranos was that it was more than just the mafia. The crowd drew on issues of depression, addiction, morality, identity, and the American Dream. Hopefully, Newark will have the same depth and not just a vintage piece.


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