Wentworth: What We Know So Far About Season 8 Of Drama Series


Ever since Wentworth Season 8 was announced, fans have been waiting to learn more about it. They want to know what else they can see in the upcoming season, including the exact release date. Read the texts below for more information.

Before learning more about Wentworth Season 8, let us tell you that Wentworth Season 9 will mark the end of the Australian television drama show. Previously, the creators of the series announced that the show would continue until 2021.

wentworth season 8 show

When will filming for Wentworth season 8 begin? Filming for the adjacent season is reported to have started during the last week of October 2019. Prison Drama Season 8 production started in Melbourne last Friday. Previously, on July 6, 2018, the rumour spread that Foxtel had decided not to renew Wentworth Season 8 after Season 7. The support of fans not only from Australia but in many parts of the world proved to be highly effective and Foxtel had no choice but to announce the completion of season 8 in December 2017.


Many fans may not know that Wentworth Season 8 will include 20 episodes, which is a lot compared to previous seasons. While seasons 1 and 7 consisted of 10 episodes, seasons 2 to 6 consisted of 12 episodes. This is the first time that an episode will have a large number of episodes. The reason to order 20 episodes is to complete 100 episodes with the end of season 8.

Wentworth season 9, as noted above, has already been confirmed. Therefore, the series will air until 2021. As for the Wentworth Season 8 release date, we can consider that it will premiere in the spring of this year, based on the broadcast dates of the previous season. After the end of season 8, Netflix will pick it up right away.

wentworth season 8 cast

According to Media Week, the new characters join an impressive cast of actors in Wentworth Season 8, including Back of the Net actress Kate Box, Janet King actress Zoe Terrax, The Secret Life of actress. Us, Jane Hall. Ann Reynolds, who draws her allies but treats her prisoners with a hard-line bias.


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