Will We Get The Sequel Of 2018 The Predators Movie?


Despite being currently in possession of the Predator franchise following The Predator’s disappointment of 2018, the series may very well continue. The film was positioned as a long-awaited relay for the series, but it performed much better last fall. Coupled with the Fox-Disney merger, the Predator franchise has been put on the ice again, at least for the foreseeable future.

The Predators Movie show

The Predator franchise has absolutely witnessed its share of ups and downs, and with Disney being the new owner of the Fox series, the studio’s family-friendly image raises questions about the franchise’s future. However, with Predator being one of the most loved film monsters of the future, and with plenty of new areas to explore the franchise in the future, it is unlikely that the Predator series has ended for good.

Predator was a box office failure

The Predators

Due to Predator’s extensive rehab, the film’s $ 88 million budget made it the most expensive film of the series. It would prove to be the downfall of The Predator, with the film having fewer opening weekends than Predators, and a worldwide gross of $ 160 million, which needed to be broken even further. Predator was also the subject of controversy due to a scene involving Olivia Munn’s character and a registered sex offender. The scene was dropped from the film, but the controversy would hover over the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and subsequent wide release.

What can predator 2’s story be

The next Predator can dive further into this, with factions of Predators battling each other with humans caught in the middle. That concept could also be on Earth, on the hunter’s “game preserve”, or both, while an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger (which was not a pan for the hunter) is a no-brainer.


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