Fabric Guide for a King Size Bedding

King size beds occupy a large space in a bedroom and automatically become the focal point. Therefore you have to be very careful while choosing king size bedding because the way you are dressing your bed will define the whole look. Choose the fabric material, texture, color scheme and design of every bedding element according to your interior.

The best way is to start with the base color which either can be the wall made the color of furniture. Other than choosing the batting carefully you should dress up your bed in a way that it looks neat and well organized? There are a lot of guides available online which can help you to learn dressing up the king size beds in different manners.

The main purpose of the bed, bedding elements or the way you dress up your bed and arrange all the elements for bed is to provide you with a comfortable space where you can relax yourself and regain energy. When it comes to comfortable single bedding, fabric material is the main thing. It is because it comes directly in contact with your body and decides how you are likely to feel in the bed. Therefore in this article we have rounded up the details about some top notch fabrics to help you identify the best one to dress up your king size bedroom and design it according to your dreams without compromising comfort.

When it comes to fabric materials king size bedding is available in many natural and synthetic fibers. What are the characteristics and their pros and cons? Keep on reading the article to find out.


It is pure natural fabric material and most popular used for bedding. It is soft, durable, breathable and skin friendly fabric. It has antibacterial qualities which make it suitable for allergic and asthmatic patients. Cotton is commonly used in summers because it is lightweight. It is available at an affordable price and easy to care and maintain.

Egyptian cotton

It is the superior quality fabric used in beddings. It has long fibers which make Egyptian cotton finest from others. Egyptian cotton is considered luxurious due to its durability, softness, and breathability. It is used to make high quality bed sets. Egyptian cotton regulates the temperature and is suitable in all seasons. It is a domestic washable fabric which becomes soft and smooth after every wash. There is no need for ironing after washing. It is a little bit expensive from others but its quality makes your king size bed elegant.


Linen is made from the flax seeds. It is flexible, absorbing, soft, smooth and long lasting fabric. It keeps the body cool in the hot summers and its flexibility makes it favorite. If you want to give a fresh and vibrant look to your king size bed this fabric is suitable. Because it comes in colorful floral, patterned and 3D prints. Which creates a refreshing view of your bedroom? It is less expensive and easy to maintain them.


It is also an organic and more luxurious material that collects from the silkworm. It is heavy, glossy, breathable, soft and smooth fabric. Silk bedding considers fancy bed sets that are used occasionally for example on festivals or some special days because it creates a romantic view. It moisturizes the skin during sleeping due to its rich qualities. It is a very expensive bedding fabric. It needs more care and dry cleaned material.


It is made up with cotton fabric that has been combed to fluff up the fibers. Through this process it becomes soft and smooth. Flannel is purely for the winter season because it has warmer effects. It regulates the temperature of the body during chilly winter nights. It is affordable fabric material and available in elegant designs which give you king size bed and enchanting, beautiful and cozy effects. Flannel provides you a complete comfort and relaxing surface for sleeping in the cold season.


Velvet is roughly woven fabric material which makes it durable, soft, smooth and reliable. It counts in royal bedding material because it’s soft and glossy. If you have a heavy budget, designing your king sized bed in a luxurious way for winter velvet is an excellent option. It is an expensive and more stylish king size bedding type which enhances the beauty and attracts the visitor in the first look.

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