Altered Carbon: We Ranked Best Episodes From First Two Seasons

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Altered Carbon, one of Netflix’s best sci-fi series, became a huge hit with audiences after releasing its completely mind-blowing first season. It had creepy visuals, crazy cinematography, and beautiful fight sequences with modern technology.

The plot wasn’t bad either, but after such a good opening season, the show’s writers had a lot to do in season two. Takeshi Kovacs, as the protagonist of the story, was liked by fans, and for starring alongside Anthony Mackie in season two, expectations were high. Here’s how each episode of the critically acclaimed series’ second outing is rated according to IMDb.

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“Phantom lady” (6.4)

Altered Carbon

The first episode of the second season features Trey, one of the most popular characters on the show. The latter is a bounty hunter looking for Takeshi Kovacs. However, it seems that Kovacs is not an easy man these days. A few years have passed since the Lawrence Bancroft case and Takeshi couldn’t be more careful. After all, he is the last known messenger.

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It is revealed that there is a meth job for Kovec named Horace Axle and a new sleeve. And there is a catch; This methamphetamine claims to know the location of Claycrest Falconer. Unsurprisingly, Kovacs didn’t pass up the opportunity to see Quail again and get to work. However, Kovacs is in a strange situation as his employer is dead and may have been killed by Quell.

Altered Carbon: Every Episode In Season 2, Ranked (According To IMDb)

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“Payment Deferred” (6.5)

In the second episode of season 2, Colonel Carrera, aka Jaeger, walks through the murder Research with one thing in mind: find Kovacs and pay him to betray CTAC. Jaeger makes sense as the main antagonist because he is someone who will do whatever he is willing to do.

The best thing about Jagger is that he will not let anyone come close to his revenge, not even Danica Harlan. Also, now that Kovacs knows Quell is alive, he wants to find the hunter (Trapp) who hired him. However, your search is not helped by an attractive tone.

“I Wake Up screaming” (6.5)

In the fifth episode of season 2, things start to heat up when Quell needs to get out of Harlan’s world, something that Trapp and Kovacs will help him with. But getting a courier to follow orders isn’t easy, and in the end both Trep and Kovacs learn the same thing.

Elsewhere, Carrera is doing his best to return to Kovacs.

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