Archenemy: Check Updates On Release Date, Storyline, Casting, And More


We hope you haven’t taken your brave and flexible genre into superhero movies, because there’s a new one on the horizon, and it feels like a real wonder. Archenemy comes to us from SpectraVision, Eliza Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Horror producer focused on the movie founded by Waller. Those are the people who have recently brought us Bonder’s movies like Mandy and Color Out of Space, just to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from Archenemy.

Archenemy cast

The next film features Joe Manganiello as a man who comes to Earth claiming to be a superhero of an alternate dimension. It is written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, whose previous film, Daniel Is Not Real, was also produced by SpectraVision. He is also the director of some segments of Hate and “New Year Eve” of the anthological horror film Holiday. Based on Mortimer’s previous work and the spirit of SpectreVision, Archenemy seems ready to take his superhero into the realm of strange and terrifying.

We’ve got some information on the film’s release date, cast, and plot, as well as a look at the tense trailer just released courtesy of Variety. Let us know everything we know about Archenemy for now.

What is the Archenemy release date?

Everything in the film and television industry may be slightly up in the air right now, but the force behind Archenemy tells us that the film will be released sometime in 2021. Exactly when it will happen in 2021, isn’t it. A specific window now.

Right now, let’s say that Archenemy probably won’t be released after fall 2021.

Joe Manganiello leads the cast of Archenemy


As we mentioned at the top, Archinemi is titled by Joey Manganiello. True Blood and Magic actor Mike plays the role of the interdimensional hero, Max Fist, at the centre of the story. really tormented and painful …”

Another exciting name associated with the project is Glenn Horton. Fans of its always sunny in Philadelphia, of course, recognize it as a narcotic. The actor has also appeared on shows like The Mindy Project and Quiz’s The Fugitive. He is playing the role of The Manager, who according to The Hollywood Reporter, is the leader of a gang involved in drug trafficking and possibly the main antagonist of the film.

Everything we know about the Archenemy plot

Based on what we know so far about arcade history, he’s about to turn superhero movie tropes into their heads. Max Fist is someone who says he came from another dimension. As if that wasn’t enough, he claims that in his dimension he is a superhero with special abilities and powers. However, on Earth, he only presents himself as a normal man, and for that reason, nobody believes in his history.

No one believes, that is, except for Hamster and Indigo, the brothers who see Max’s ability in the hero and recruit him to face a drug union in their neighbourhood. Based on the tone the film is giving, it seems like the task will be more complex than just breaking in and saving the day.


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