Attack On Titan Star Haruma Miura Passed Away At The Age Of 30


Her supervisor found Miura to see the star who had come to her house to see that she had no job. The news said he was rushed to the hospital, but was told he was dead. Miura debuted at the age of seven with the Japanese film, which appeared in the 1997 film Agri. He was the founder of the group Brash Brats, along with his classmates, but the group was nominated for the 2005 Mainichi Film Awards for their work on Naoko.

Miura has appeared in several Japanese TV series, supporting the roles of Binab and Danshi and Gokus in front of Takeru Sator in the film Rikbo Mande.

Haruma Miura cast

In 2009, Miura starred opposite Shawn Oguri in the film Crow Zero II for the Crows Zero action. The actor was Kimi ni Todoke is the live-action conversion of the manga. Miura also played the role of Aren in the two-act adaptation of Attack on Titan.

Three days before she died on her last Instagram post, Miura encouraged fans to watch her upcoming play Love Will Begin When Money in September. He will also appear in the next audacity: Gunjyo Senki, which will premiere in 2021 While Tsukuba was in the actor’s studio, he formed the Brash Brats dance group with two classmates until the group stopped in 2005. Miura had other passions, along with acting and dancing, songs and music. Earlier this year, Miura took to Instagram to reveal her second single,


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