Avatar 2: Release In 2021 Delayed? Deets Inside


The next four sequences for the James Cameron avatars have been re-pushed. Disney, which now controls it after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, announced on Tuesday that the release date of Avatar 2 had changed for a year to December 17, 2021 – and the following three films were delayed. It’s started, too.

If there’s only one thing about the Avatar sequel since the initial announcement, it’s that it’s completely inconsistent with release dates. And, how many sequels they really are.

avatar show

There were no other signs of anticipation as far as that year was concerned when Cameron began talking about a fourth film in the series, although going back and forth was whether the project type was real or not and whether it was real or not would be a precedent. Although the issues seem to be getting out of hand, it hasn’t been the least that Cameron was buying 2,500 acres in New Zealand with the intention of making films there, although there may be many. Wait, that’s what he did. In late 2013, the New Zealand government announced that everyone had long suspected: There would be three more Avatar films in the country to shoot them all.

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Until April 2016, things changed again: now, the original incarnation would have four sequences, the first released in December 2018 and the second for 2020, 2022 and 2023. A year later, Cameron Tha is telling interviewer, “Well, 2018 isn’t happening.”

It is noteworthy that the final program of the Avatar movies does not match at all: Avatar 2 and Avatar 4 will return in a single year, driven by Avatar 3 and Avatar 5 after two years, which is two years in a row. Creates a release schedule. Optional with Star Wars. It’s a schedule that makes sense for Disney, if not necessarily for Cameron, who probably created the original unregulated calendar for reasons related to the story.

If that’s the case, though, he won’t feel very angry; In the end, given the history of the Avatar sequel, it’s a pretty safe bet that Avatar 2 will change at least a few other release dates in stores before they hit theatres. Who knew that the Avatar movies we were all looking for were real Unobtainium?


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