Biohackers: Netflix Shared Official Trailer For The Brand New German Series


Aside from the identities of Schrüner, Christian Deter, and top cast members, there’s not much background information available on the series yet (not even on IMDb). Dieter, of German origin, is known in the United States for directing the 2016 romantic comedy How to Be Single and working on the 2017 Netflix comedy Girlboss, based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, who founded the company, Nesty Gall. It was established.

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Jessica Schwarz is best known for her performance in the 2006 thriller Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (based on Patrick Suskind’s 1985 novel) as Professor Tanja Lorenz. Swiss actress Luna Wessler plays Mia, a young medical student who delves into the world of underground biohacking and illegal genetic engineering experiments. “The stories where ordinary people have to face extraordinary circumstances have always fascinated me,” Deter said Biohackinfo last fall after the shooting.

This is not just the future of medicine, but of humanity. We have a responsibility to create a world of the future. You are the creator of tomorrow.” Then we see Mia come to medical school and meet her new roommates: a woman who answers the door, an adorably Jeezy-looking young man, and another young woman who is proud of her science plant project. – bio-piano based shows.


The roommates soon meet Jasper and Nicklas, some of the most beautiful people in science, one of whom invites Mia to check out her home’s biohacking lab. Mia may have hidden reasons for wanting to join Lorenz’s research group, asking what kind of research is actually being done. “One thing you can’t do in college,” says a cryptocurrency Jasper tells him. Mia’s eagerness arouses Lorenz’s suspicion. And it seems Mia has a secret related to her younger brother’s childhood memories. Perhaps both were one of Lorenz’s first experiments, which ended badly. Mia promises to ruin Lorenz for revenge. But will you endanger your new friends in the process?

Biohackers drops on Netflix Platform on Aug 20, 2020.


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