Broke: Can We Expect A Season 2 Of CBS Series?


Tonight marks the conclusion of the Broke series and based on last-minute surprises from other networks, we wouldn’t expect Season 2 anywhere else. This is part of the reality of being on TV in 2020: shows are often cancelled and some of them don’t really have a chance to find an audience for the first time.

Broke season 2

Behind entering this season, there were a few reasons for high hopes: Broke marked the first series for Pauli Perrett since his departure from NCIS, and had a fantastic cast around him, including Jaime Camille and Natasha LaGargo. The premise is some battle trials in the world of sitcoms: people with very different lifestyles to find a way to live together. At first, there is conflict, but in the end, they form a single-family.

1. A Tough Watch: When it premiered so late in the year, the show failed to get the same amount of publicity as other fall shows. Sometimes a successful show is about getting immediate exposure, especially a sitcom because the networks are often not completely patient.

2. Rating – This is linked to the part we already said. A rating of 0.6 in a demographic of 18-49 and just over 4.8 million viewers does not average a bad audience for a sitcom; However, this is for networks like CBS. They can’t see enough linear and digital / DVR ratings audience to get it back for more.

Broke season 2 cast

3. Weather in general: We think this current weather is too difficult for new shows: Viewers are looking for comfort, and while Broke can provide, we think there is a thirst for nostalgia and some things. Look again at what people already know. Love. It’s hard to convince people to give other shows/ideas a chance. If only they had …

How do you think Broke was cancelled on CBS?

Are you surprised that season 2 doesn’t happen? In the meantime, remember to stick around to record other news.


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