Bryan Cranston: Here’s How He Dealt With His Coronavirus Diagnosis


Actor Bryan Cranston publicly revealed this in a post on Coronavirus on Instagram today. The Breaking Bad star told fans that “the protocol was very strict and I still … contracted the virus.”

“Yes. I find it wonderful that more than 150,000 Americans have died because of this. I was lucky one of them. Mild symptoms. I count my blessings and ask you to wear a damn mask, Keep your hands clean and away from socially,” he wrote.

Bryan Cranston

In a video with the post, the 64-year-old, Malcolm Middle Star, shared his experience by donating his plasma, now including the coronavirus virus

It’s very lucky, with mild symptoms,” Cranston is on a long list of celebrities to talk about a virus diagnosis: it was revealed earlier this month that actress Mel Gibson hit Coronavirus in April Month. He went to the hospital for a week and spent a week there.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide is over 17 million. According to a count at Johns Hopkins University, the US has 4.4 million, followed by 2.6 million in Brazil and 1.5 million in India. 152,055 people also died in America, followed by 91,263 in Brazil and 46,084 in Great Britain. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were two of the first patients on the A-list with COVID-19 to help with their March Australian tour.

Bryan Cranston celeb

Broadway actor Nick Korodo struggled with coronavirus for more than three months at the hospital: after losing his leg, the marker was fine and he died of lung infection when he died at the Forty-One Age.


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