Cameron Diaz To Play A Villain In MCU


If there’s one department within Marvel Studios that fits the job perfectly, it’s a casting team. Look how hard it is for us Robert Downey Jr. leaving the original members of actors like because we support the next wave of superheroes and observers. The proof of this is in the pudding, and when they talked about choosing a new generation of characters to appear on the screen, they certainly won our trust. With that installed, let it be perfect.

Yes, by Cameron Diaz by Charlize Angels and John Malkovich. It is not yet determined who has been contacted yet, but we were told that if they could convince him to retire, they did not want to.

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So if he joins the Marvel world, who will be Diaz? Okay, Thanos is believed to have played a vicious role in his love interest in the Mistress Death comic books, hoping he would see another character elsewhere with the Infinity Saga, but in the end, he never showed it. Where it has appeared before, we don’t know yet, but Mad Titan, co-founder Jim Starlin, probably thinks its inclusion is more likely than ever, as Marvel takes steps into an area that makes it weird. She is ready – with no intention of punishing – the Strange Doctor in Madness in the Multiverse.

In Marvel Comics, Thanos ’real motivation for collecting Infinity Stones and eliminating half the population of the universe is the influence of Mistress Death. Without this special narrative, movies would have to adapt love to suit their existence, but that’s something they’re doing, so it won’t be difficult.

Cameron Diaz

The rumoured Thanos prequel TV series is likely to create some history between the two bands before appearing in MCU movies. In any case, whatever the trajectory, it doesn’t look like Josh Brolin’s Purple Giant World will once again plague the foot of the future franchise.

But tell us, should Marvel convince Cameron to sign Diaz, do you think he’s suitable for the MCU? As always, follow us.


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