Child’s Play 2: Director Lars Klevberg Opened Up About The Sequel Of The Reboot Movie


The box office at the weekend was all about fun and games, such as Toy Story 4 and the reboot of Child Play, which the audience took on very different journeys, including when things start to play out with you. In the case of the 1988 classic remake, there’s a lot of room for franchise development, so I’m looking at where the next series can go.

It’s even better to have to come back and have fans want that like Mark Hamill Chucky could come back to play with the kids. How this can happen is thanks to an interesting way in which director Lars Kavleberg and writer Tyler Burton Smith have changed the myth of this iconic killer.

Child's Play 2 cast

What happens at the end of the child’s play

Smart became the venue for Buddy 2’s Black Friday victory. His strange past and unusual behaviour during the murder/disappearance, he thinks, is Andy (Gabriel Bateman) his mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza). Badi 2 is running late. This is even more complicated when Detective Mike (Brian Tyree Henry) starts chasing after Andy because he thinks he’s responsible for his mother’s death – he jealously killed Chick. Of course, no one believes Andy when he says his best friend is playing with a genuinely jealous mile.

Child's Play 2 movie

How Chucky can make such a comeback

When the original Chucky doll was created by an avenging programmer who took away all safety features in this new children’s game, it turned out to be a violent media exposure and exposed children’s children. At the end of the film, his coding is completely different from that of any other Buddy doll, and the film shows his ability to turn other intelligence units into killing machines. Therefore, the sequel to the children’s play will begin with Mark Hamill’s Chucky, thanks to some good old “ghosts” on the machine. Not only can he control other dolls and products made by the Kaplan Corporation, but he can also copy them to another organization because he knows he is in danger.

How to get back to Mark Hamill Child’s Play Sequel

Child's Play 2 horror

Even though the large line of Caslan products had to undergo massive innovation with a new face, voice and personality, it’s all about re-imagining Mark Hamill’s pipe image. Since Chucky can change the programming of other dolls, he can be heard through any doll or massacre that controls his voice. Now that their reservations have been made, the legend of the voice actor could jump into the interesting territory in the future. When Mark Hamill is ready to jump into the mantra of being a new generation of Devil Doll, a set of children’s plays could see the victim terrorized even more. And director Lars Kavelberg said he really wanted us to get into the Buddy Bear toy we saw at the end of the first film, which we could also get in the form of innocent toy sounds made by Mark Hamill. Flex the oral muscles.


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