Christians Ronaldo: Everything You Should Know About His Girlfriend


In 2010, she settled with Russian supermodel “Something” Irina Sheik for almost five years. In January 2015, Irina discovered that Cristiano had flirtatious texting relationships with many women around the world, and felt that was enough for Irina.Christians Ronaldo chance


After a year of dating and inspired to become a Physically, fit and prosperous professional athlete, Ronaldo met Georgina Rodríguez and looks like she could be the queen of this king. Below is the full info on how the relationship between Cristiano and Georgina flourished, and it’s all you need to know about this fantastic WAG.

Christians Ronaldo

Georgina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His father, Jorge Eduardo Rodríguez, was also a footballer, and his mother, Ana María Hernández, now lives in Italy.

Although born in Argentina, she moved to Zacca, Spain, a baby located near the French border. Georgina was raised in Jaka, a small town with a population of approximately 13,000 people.

As a teenager, Georgina worked as a waitress at the exclusive Sansenet bar in her hometown of Jacka. At age 20, she decided to make a change and moved to London to learn English in order to become an international duo.

Christians Ronaldo jeep

After spending time in London, she got a duo job in Briston, England and worked as a babysitter until October 2015, when her host family moved to another country. He published ads around this time in hopes of obtaining a different pairing position, but this time he returned to Spain in Madrid, a selling point in Madrid.

In late 2016 Georgina participated in a Dolce & Gabbana work program and Cristiano was there. The couple never specifically said how they met, but it is believed that the Spanish beauty caught Ronaldo’s attention in the vicinity of the event’s VIP area.

They do have other plans, though, wedding plans! Georgina has participated in all of Ronaldo’s World Cup matches and was spotted displaying an $ 815K Cartier diamond ring. There is no definitive news that this king and queen are getting married, but by the size of the ring, we should all know what the date is!


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