Chucky Series: Brad Dourif Is Returning To Lend His Voice To The Killer Doll


In the new reboot of Child Play, Mark Hamill, who is well acquainted with the character’s legacy, will play Chucky’s killer doll, and the acting voice will offer him a version of the Sleeper’s voice. In a press conference at Geek Den, Hamill described his tragedy after Brad Dourif took on the iconic horror character and eventually convinced the role.

Chucky Series cast

Hamill is a veteran voice actor who lends his vocal talents to Avatar: The Last Airbender, Metaloclips, and the upcoming Dark Crystal Netflix series. But he is best known for voicing the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Only then, when he was chosen, did he feel the weight of hope surrounding the character. This was the same concern that happened to Chucky again.

Hamil has a predecessor role in character Brad Doriff (Lord of the Rings, Deadwood), who recently voiced the killer doll through all seven films in the 2017 Chasms Child Play series.

“I love Brad. It’s a big responsibility, so I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond, because it’s not how thick we already know.”

Chucky Series show

A new Chucky in the new children’s game was also an important consideration for Hamill. Directed by Lars Kleberg, the Chucky Doll reboot features a rogue AI connected to the app, a completely different origin story than the original, beginning with serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who is shot by the police and loses his soul. Magic uses magic to move. A “Good Guys” doll.

And then they sent me this script and I felt it was the key element that was different from the original, which I love, I’m Brad.” Big fan of acting: Chucky has a different origin. So it is not the soul of a serial killer, but someone intentionally comes in and changes their operating system and disables security measures. “He was really like an innocent child, learning from everything going on around him,” said Hamill. “I felt it was important.”


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