Creators Of Sherlock Revealed Who They Wanted To Cast For Female Sherlock Holmes


The creators of Sherlock Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss share the names of several actors who love to see a woman playing the role of Sherlock Holmes.

The topic was brought up during a live broadcast conversation when the duo completed 10 years of BBC One series provided by Benoit Cumberbatch. When they answered the fans’ questions, Sherlock’s swinging gender idea emerged and the couple deliberately thought about who he wanted to choose.

Sherlock Holmes cast

Stephen Moffat’s first name is Doctor Dr Michelle Gomez. Michelle played the iconic role of Messi, the female version of Mister. On the other hand, Marc Gatis chose the Phong Waller-Bridge option from Phoegab as a “fairly good” option. Moffat also felt that Oscar-winning Olivia Oscar would be a good choice to play the role of a female Sherlock. Meanwhile, producer Soo Vertue Jodie Comer of Killing Eve chose for Sherlock’s version.

During the event, Stephen Moffat said that they can all sit down and create a completely female name for Sherlock Holmes. He said the part fits the woman very easily. Moffat felt that even the female Sherlock would not need to change the name. Only pronouns should be changed, but otherwise, the character will remain the same.

“There are many people who like the idea of ​​Michelle Gomez,” Moffat suggested, before Gatiss before the Fleabagoff Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

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Turning to the Watson woman topic, Moffat said this is where he faces the biggest problem, and he admits he finds it “more difficult” to think of someone for this type of performance.

In primary school, Sherlock Holmes adaptation in the U.S. who plays Johnny Lee Miller as a legendary detective plays Lucy Liu Watson.

The game will act as the origin story for the famous Detective and is an introduction to the studio’s previous Sherlock Holmes, which started in 2002 with Mystery of the Mummy. The last entry for the franchise is the 2016 daughter of demons.


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