El Camino Star Johnny Ortiz Facing Charges Of Attempted Murder


Ortiz returned in late May to a 24-year-old man and 18-year-old Armando Miguel Navarro accused in court this morning of crimes in the city of Los Angeles. The court held a preliminary hearing on Sept. 22 in a brief trial at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center, both of which were arrested in the LA County Sheriff’s Department. A report issued by the deadline says Ortiz has not pleaded guilty to the charges.

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If convicted of “attempted, intentional and premeditated murder,” Ortiz faces up to 25 years in prison in the state, according to the California Penal Code. According to the indictment filed by prosecutors on May 27, the plaintiff has spent a decade on additional sentences.

Johnny Ortiz played the role of an assistant waiter in El Camino alongside Jem Pinkman as Aaron Paulman and also starred in the 2015 Disney movie McFarland USA with Kevin Costner.

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Johnny is best known for his role as a bus in El Camino: “Breaking Bad.” TMZ documents reveal that Johnny and Armando Miguel Navarro allegedly tried to kill a man named Brian Duke with the intent of promoting, augmenting and advancing a gang of street gangs. Compensation in criminal conduct committed by group members. ”

Ortiz played the role of a bus in the film El Camino: A Breaking Bad. Ortiz, on the other hand, starred in Jose Cardenas in Disney, McFarland (USA), as well as in the American Crime TV series.


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