Elsa Pataky Spills Beans On Her Marriage With Chris Hemsworth


Elsa Pataki has revealed that she and her husband Chris Hemsworth, 36, are tied to their exercise in love and go to the gym in their relationship. Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph this week, the 43-year-old Spanish actor said he and Chris often spend time in the gym together before having children. The Fast and the Furious star also admitted that the couple banned them from behaving in kitchens and stated that they do not provide any treatment at home.

Elsa Pataky Spills Beans

Speaking of his love of serenity, Elsa told the publication, ‘It was something we loved among ourselves and we shared it. Despite having kids, our favourite days were when we went to the gym together. ‘ The Spanish actor reported that her husband’s passion for surfing encouraged Chris to play sports, and allowed her to spend time together before the baby was born. Gori Sundari, who has written a new book called Strong, Fitness and Lifestyle, Strong, said on Monday that she is doing well with her mother’s group fitness session. Elsa said she has no enjoyment or keeping a healthy snack in her kitchen to get chocolate after her five-year-old son, Tristan, recently caught her in the fridge.

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Proposing that he would ban healthy behaviour at home, he said: “He’s always trying to look for something, but I’ve decided I’m not doing anything right now – for us and for them. k determined how Elsa is maintained through an hour-long workout. The expert noted that the actor and model focused on the main task, balancing Surya Namaskar and the arm, to tone the body and improve flexibility. “The time and schedule vary, but Elsa and I meet for an hour once a week,” Tahal told the Daily Mail Australia.

Elsa Pataky Spills Beans On Her

Elsa and Chris have been married since 2010, and the sword couple shared three children: India Rose, seven and twins Tristan and Sasha with five children. The family moved to the wonderful resort town of Byron Bay in 2014 to avoid the wonderful glow of Hollywood. The couple built a $ 20 million mansion to end Christmas with the nickname Broken Head, in fact.


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