Enola Holmes: 3 Things We Know From The Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for one of its most anticipated movies: Enola Holmes! Strange Things come, XI, Millie Bobby Brown plays Info Holmes, the younger brother of the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes. He is portrayed by Henry Cavill from The Witch, adding another name to the list of participating Absolute Snack actors! (Where is the lie?) As his third brother, Mycroft Holmes, we get another gift as Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games, I am before you). So we got Holmes as one of the big three franchises. Add some Harry Potter too, okay? Helena Bonham Carter plays Mama Holmes! The film also stars Adil Akhtar, Fiona Shaw (Hello, Aunt Petunia!), Frances de la Tour, Luis Patridge, and Susan Wokoma.

Enola Holmes trailer

1. Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes is a delight!

It’s always fun to see it on screen, right? But like Enola Holmes, it goes in too much! He has a fun and carefree spirit and has a mischievous glint in his eyes. She seems to have hit the spot with the British accent and in many ways, she seems to be right as if Helena Bonham Carter was raised by someone * wink *! Eleven had a lot to do with maintaining a poker face and learning how to cast, while with Enola, Brown uses a variety of emotions. You have already won my heart by being the dearest Holmes brothers!

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2. I am so excited to see Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes!

Don’t avoid words here, the actors who have played the role of detectives so far are the audience, yes, but Henry Cavill is the most different from them. RDJ and Cumberbatch were slim and tall, while Cavill is super fond of! I always loved Cavill in his period drama, so I really want to play these great characters. Not to mention, Sam Claflin’s Mycroft will be interesting too!

3. A Sherlock Holmes story means clues and secrets. Go ahead, I say!

I mean, this is usually the best part of a detective story, right? Sleeping, trying to locate the clue before the hero and after seeing if you paid proper attention after the game closes. In the case of this film, the mystery surrounds a young fugitive Lord (Louis Partridge), whom Enola arrives at the scene in his quest to find his mother. I’m feeling a romantic angle here, but who knows!

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