Ezra Miller Is Not Stuck In A New Scandal


With the excitement of the news that Michael Keaton is speaking to return as Bruce Wayne in The Flash, it’s easy to forget about the real protagonist of the movie among all.

And they never seem to find it, as is the case that things finally started to run in long gestures, with the Fantastic Beasts star ruining his entire career. Undoubtedly, a video of the actor who went viral a few months ago went viral, and Miller’s flash and the call to be removed from the aforementioned world series quickly flooded the Internet.

Ezra Miller cast

Neither Miller nor the studio has publicly commented on the matter, but according to YouTuber Grace Randolph, who has a very strong record for DC Intel, there will be more trouble for the young star.

In a recent Ask Me Anything video, the informant teased that he had heard about some new controversies that started to change Miller and compared the scandal to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujahra himself. It was found a long time ago.

“I don’t know about Ezra. I heard how¬† I don’t know okay. And you know, we’ll see if he’s ever been reported. This is the same thing I heard Kevin Tsujhara say something about him. I learned that months before the breakup, this story about Kevin Tsujihara It was a big problem for him. Then I heard that something is the same with Ezra, and I don’t know if it will ever come out. ”

Ezra Miller show

He can. He then also states that he has no idea if he will ever appear. But even if that doesn’t happen, there’s still a torrent of facts pointing to the fact that his time in DCEU is almost over, and while he’s finally going back to Flash, we can’t imagine him. Next, we can see more Ezra Miller in the franchise.


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