Galactus: When The Character Expects To Make Its Debut


In Thanos, the Infinity saga introduced the first wonderful villain the MCU has ever seen. The mad titan died comfortably and was matched with every avenger. Since Gers premiered in the Avengers movie, every movie has had who it was and explains to the universe its intention to restore balance. Deviant eventually had to oust Tony Stark, the Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and with the Phase 4 boom, the focus shifted to someone who would be the new bad MCU. Thus, it appears to be Galactus. for now. There’s more than Thanos ’second endorsement at the beginning of the film‘ Avengers: Endgames ’that was more than a beacon to make Galactus feel his presence.

Galactus was formerly human. It becomes a cosmic entity that consumes the planet to maintain its life force. It also makes sense to include Galactus at this point, as it seems that Marvel is focusing mostly on cosmic superheroes in Phase 4. The Guardians of the Galaxy 2022 seems to be ready to release the third volume, so it’s appropriate to bring in a mega villain who can throw a camel at superheroes. In the end, it was an Easter egg that Galactus presented in the movie ‘Guardians’ of the Galaxy. When the collection brought out the original story of the MCU’s Infinity Stones, it was completed with projected videos describing its power. The discussion of the stone is the force of the stone.

Galactus' Favorite Superhero is The LAST One Fans Expect
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Nova may perhaps indicate the arrival of Anihilus. (Miracle) It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Related to eating purple planets. The other evil that can be found to terrify the universe is Anahinhills. After all, he is the supreme baddie and has met Thor and the Guardians. Feeding this theory is the film Nova is already developing. That’s right to consider, and if we go with the narrative in the comic book ‘Annihilation’ TV series, it’s likely that the film will feature Richard Rider’s space police member Nova Corps, a supernatural. With skills. Including improved strength, flight and injury resistance.

Then, ideally, the plot would revolve around Annihilus, an observer among the supervisors who leads the army of warships, forming a destructive wave that destroys the planets. Although some cosmic heroes like Star-Lord and Drax (now both guardians of the Galaxy) try to stop the attack, they find a competent ally in Nova, who stop the wave and eventually destroy it in the process. The authors of Gers Avengers: Endgame revealed that they intended to present it briefly in New Infinity War, and several theories have emerged as to how Rock Human Rocket would fit into the MCU. However, Nova is absent in stage 4 which means that Annihilus has to wait for his turn. Our money is on the Galactus.


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