Hawkeye: Casting For Villain The Clown Is Ongoing


As Hollywood slowly and carefully begins reopening pre-production on various projects, rapid follow-up is underway, and that includes Marvel Studios and its many theatrical projects and Disney +.

There’s a heavy project in the casting phase of its pre-production, and thanks to a new report from Illuminerdi, a character is known to comic book readers could make a mark on the series.

Hawkeye cast

According to the site, a new cast list has emerged in the 1920s-30s looking for a man from Eastern Europe to play the role of a character named Joe Arek, a Kazimierz Kazmierk of a mercenary named “Kazim” You can point out.

Kazimierz For those unfamiliar with Kazimierzak, Fanks has some history about the character who actually plays in comics like Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

Kazimierz Kazimierzak was a boy who had fled to the United States after his circus family was killed during an armed conflict. A tragic accident that killed his friend Janek, who exploded in Kazimierz, a subway leader to kill people for no apparent reason, made him learn to live his life as a mercenary.

Later, he was hired by various mob bosses, including Kingpin, The Owl and the leader of “Tracus Drakeles”, to kill Clint Barton, who had recently interfered with his plans.

He kills Hawkeye’s neighbour, as a way for Grylls to harass Barton. While attending the funeral of Clint and his neighbour’s Grill, he returned to the crime scene with “Tracksack Dracula” to address any possible evidence that he was attacked by Lucky, Hawkeye’s dog. He left, but he escaped.


The Clowns arranged for the return of the tracksuits, Ivan Bannon is, the former owner of the Barton building, to lead a major attack on the building and retrieve it. The Clowns and the Mafia stormed the Barton building, but its residents strongly opposed it. In the end, Kate Bishop subdues Evan and Clint tackles, Clint, while the rest of the neighbours understand the remaining tracksuits until the police arrive.

Little is known in the series at this time, but reports earlier this year showed there would be performances by Clint’s brother, Barney Barton, also known as Trickshot and New York criminal organization Tracus Mafia. It is still unknown if other Avengers or existing characters will appear.

Jeremy Rainer will return as Clint Barton as he trains a new bow field player: Kate Bishop, who ends up taking on the mantle of Hawkeye. Mad Men Munshi Jonathan Igala will be the writer and executive producer of the series. Several episodes will be directed by Rice Thomas (Saturday Night Live), as well as Duo Burt and Bertie (Troop Zero).


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