Invincible: Everything We Know So Far About The Upcoming Amazon Animated Superhero Series


With the expansion of The Walking Dead franchise, it has become easy to forget that other Robert Kirkman assets are in the process of adaptation. A new animated television show, based on Invincible, has been in development on Amazon for almost two years. It is based on Kirkman, an unusual superhero comic created in 2002 with artist Cory Walker.

Kirkman provided an update on Invincible while interacting with cartoonist Kayfab (via Veer Hollywood). Fans of his original comic will be happy to know that Amazon will reveal a broadcast date and premiere the first round of images for the show in the near future. And given his comments, the series would retain the graphic image of the comic.

Invincible cast

Amazon announced a voice cast for Invincible last summer. as Steven Yuen in the Simmons lineup as his father, Omni-Man. However, not much new information has been received about the project since then. According to Kirkman, this is due to the delay between the recording phase and the animation phase.

So we had to announce the cast, otherwise, it would have leaked. And who knows how they would report that kind of thing?” So we had to announce when we started doing the voice recording, but before we started doing the animation, we started doing the voice recording. So there is a big difference between: ‘We are doing an unbeatable show, and here is this amazing artist, and don’t worry, it will happen sometime in the future.’

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What is Plot Invincible?

In Invincible, based on the Image Comics series of the same name, a normal 17-year-old teenager, whose father is the foreign superhero Omni-Man, wakes up to his own superpowers and must learn to fulfil his father’s duty.

Invincible show

The Invincible is an original saga of superheroes by Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) and illustrators Corey Walker and Ryan Ottley. Oh yes, Nolan is also Omni-Man, Earth’s greatest protector of an alien race called Wiltramites. I can’t forget this and then, on an unprecedented day at the school concert, Mark wakes up to his own superpower, including super strength, speed, flight, quick healing, and some invulnerability.

Through the 144 numbers in the series, Mark learns to become a superhero, fighting from protecting innocents on Earth to waging space wars in space.


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