Joker 2: Is Sequel Being Planned? A Jokerverse In Making?


DC is talking about the origins of the stories from other comic book characters, revealing what the dark side cracks are on their journey. Any follow-up to ‘Joker’ will take years to close and DC has a busy list. he original story is presented below.

In the week’s hottest news, the Joker sequel is officially in the Warner Bros. compositions.

Joker’s financial crisis cannot be eliminated. The R-rated movie has now grossed over $ 1 billion, making it the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history. And Phillips himself deferred a large down payment on a single slice of unauthorized gross income, which could result in an amount of $ 100 million, THR says. But the Joker costs only $ 60 million, so even after taking marketing into account, the profit margin on this matter is huge. That’s why sequels are being negotiated, and WB is eager to continue this franchise, as THR reports, though their report states that Todd Phillips has access to additional DC characters in the wake of The Joker. That said, Phillips has now declined. Likewise.

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THR says the Phillies are in talks to return to Joker 2 directly, and incurious news, the studio has given Joaquin Phoenix the star as an option for a comeback. While many found the greatest inspiration for Joker 2, it was actually happening that Phoenix would not have the desire to create a following, which had been given to franchisees in the past. But this option makes signing it much easier, though the actor doesn’t seem to be with Joker 2. Phoenix had the idea to make a sequel when it was in production at The Joker that made posters to show Phillips.

(i.e. she would go ahead), but it’s worth noting that when he first released Joker, he made villain origin stories like Joker Coined. a complete label of. DC Black looks like it may have reintroduced that idea in the wake of the Joker’s success, and it will be interesting to see if WB makes this umbrella under which it is rated R, unique (or maybe not). ..) Iconic shots can be drawn by aspiring filmmakers.

It’s also unclear what exactly Joker 2 might be, but given the unique look of the first movie, I wouldn’t expect it to follow a traditional, highly successful sequel trajectory. One imagines that the budget will remain low, and despite Bruce Wayne’s debut in The Joker, director Matt Reeves has already been covered with Batman Robert Pattinson, at the helm of Batman, so the character is probably involved with the Joker. It won’t happen. We hope to get a follow-up that’s as character-focused as this one before.


It’s not over for the Joker yet, as the film is narrowing down the award circuit after taking first prize at the Venice Film Festival. He won first prize for cinematography on Camrymage, and Phoenix is ​​one of the top contenders for an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, while the film itself is likely to garner some nominations.


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