Judge Dredd Series: Check All The Details We Know So Far About It


Jones’s voice, with words dragging across the screen, reminds of “Star Wars”. The fact that I had to read them is a reminder that in 1977, when “Star Wars” appeared, the public didn’t need to read it. We are approaching the moor every day.

The film is based on a series of comics about a future time when chaos reigns and civilians kill each other in “Block Wars”, using machine guns to fight violent battles just for fun. Because I think because the film never provides its inspiration. The only forces for law and order are judges: heavily armed and armoured policemen who double as judges and juries, and who often kill criminals on the spot.

Judge Dredd

Dredd is played by Sylvester Stallone, who is great for this type of role as he is smart and fun enough to do it. However, the script does give him some help, with a love interest (Diane Lane) that never connects, a comic buddy named Fake (Rob Schneider) who sounds badly out of tune, and a catchphrase (“I think I’d say” that “). The special effects are confusing and disorganized, but atmospheric – they show us a huge megacity It’s what looks like a cross between the cities in “Blade Runner” and “Total Recall “with buildings falling to the sky and gangs tearing up the streets and useful neon signs that say things like” Shop. “Judge Dredd. And his fellow judge Hershey (Lane) patrols the streets and expels him with criminals, and Dredd arrests Fergie for staying in a thief’s apartment.

Check All The Details We Know

“You could jump out the window.” “Forty floors! That will be suicide!” “But it is legal,” says Dredd, until he is found guilty of killing a television journalist, a law enforcement officer. How do you know he did it? Well, the weapons of the future mark each bullet with the DNA of the person who shot it, so Dredd is sent to the Aspen prison colony. Then we learn from the chief judge (Max von Sydow) that Dredd was cloned and has a similar brother (Armand Assante), who could have supplied the same DNA. This is an angle that Simpson’s defence team should not ignore.


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