Kamp Koral: The SpongeBob Spinoff Is Coming Up On CBS All Access In 2021


Spongebob goes to CBS All Access next year. The pre-announced success of the successful Nickelodeon series will go to streaming service with its Kamp Coral 2021 premiere. It’s part of CBS’s broader strategy, which will see the service renewed next year. Therefore, the company has also added another series of online performances.

Kamp Koral cast

Kamp Koral Sponge will be SquarePants ’first spin-off in its long history. This will focus on SpongeBob and his friends as they go to sleep outside the camp. The series premiered last summer. The pickup comes in the form of CBS All Access, which is likely to help you compete aggressively with streaming services in the market where HBO Max, Disney +, Peacock and others are entering the fold. Thank you.

The Last Airbender, Rugrats and SpongeBob SquarePants all seasons. The service has added 3.00 TV sections to the final library to make its offerings. It also includes hits from Comedy Central, MTV, BET, TV Land and VHI. This had to be said by Mark DeBivois, Digital Officer, ViacomCBS and the President and CEO, ViacomCBS Digital.

Kamp Koral banner

It’s not yet known what will be included in CBS All Access’s claim, but a new name is coming. In addition to the recently added screenings, the service is expected to add 30,000 episodes of TV and movies in the coming months. Currently, the service is paid $ 5.99 per month with ads or $ 9.99 without ads. That’s roughly what NBCUniversal charges for the cave.

Kamp Koral show

We recently learned that the French film The Run on SpongeBob, as part of the next film, will premiere VOD premium early next year. Then it will air only after CBS All Access. The film was scheduled for a theatrical performance. Unfortunately, with the theatre closed, it became very difficult. I’m sure you’ll continue to keep information about coral aprons until more details are published, such as.


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