Kanye West Apologized To Her Wife Kim Kardashian For Commenting On Their Personal Life


Kanye West apologizes to Kim Kardashian West after her presidential election career in South Carolina last week and controversial comments on Twitter.

In addition, West was also photographed on Saturday arriving at a hospital near his farm. At TMZ, he only stayed for 10 minutes and went home, with an ambulance arriving at the property soon after. It is unclear why West went to the ER or why there was an ambulance at his home. ET contacted a rapper-actor for a comment.

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Last week, during his presidential career, Kanye made an emotional speech in which he said that he and Kim had discussed the idea of ​​miscarrying their first child, North and that Kim might “divorce him” after listening to his word.

West’s apology came a day after visiting Justin Bieber on his farm.

His friends – music director Don “Don Si” Crowley and his former director John Monopoly – flew to his farm to be by his side. Kanye’s manager, Bu Thiam, is also on the farm. The source added that the doctor examined the West’s condition and considered it in a stable psychological state. Meanwhile, the rapper continues to work on his album and movie with Dash.

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As ET mentioned earlier this week, Kim released a statement via Instagram stories treating Kanye mental illness and asked his fans to show him the grace during this difficult time.

A separate source told ET earlier in the week that “Kim will always do what she does and stand beside Kanye during a difficult time,” adding that “[bipolar disorder] is difficult to manage, but she has dealt with this behind the scenes before.”

She said she had never discussed her position before because she “really protects our children in Privacy when it comes to their health. “


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