Katy Perry Holds Ellen Degeneres’ Back Over Show Controversy


LOS ANGELES – As Ellen DeGeneres’ “Queen of Nice” persona goes down the drain on her talk show with allegations of workplace toxicity, more people are opening up about their experiences working with her and on the show. . .

Ellen Degeneres

And they are clearly divided into two camps.

Last month, Buzzfeed News published an explosive report with interviews of former and current employees accusing them of a toxic work environment and physical harassment and physical harassment on daily talk shows.

DJ Okungabowa, the show’s DJ, is the last member of staff to speak. Back to the Future (1985) actress Lee Thompson replied, “True story.” But many celebrities, most recently actor and comedian Kevin Hart and singer Katy Perry, jumped to the rescue of the Degeneres, who last week sent an email to staff apologizing. On Tuesday (August 4), 41-year-old Hart wrote on Instagram: “It’s crazy to see my friend, whom you are going to meet publicly.

Ellen Degeneres celeb

Perry, 35, also said on social media yesterday (Aug 4): “I know I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I want to acknowledge that I have since my time with Ellen. The only positive conclusion is @theellenshow

“I think we have all seen the light and the constant fight for equality that she has given to the world through her platform for decades. I love you and I hug you …”

On Monday, Degeneres’ wife of actress Portia de Rossi, 47, posted a photo of him on the show with the caption, “I’m with Ellen.” That same day, a #ReplaceEllen hashtag went viral on Twitter and it was reported that English comedian and actor James Corden, who runs his own late-night talk show, is in talks to replace DeGeneres.

Others who have voiced support for DeGeneres include Argentine polo player Ignacio Figueras and music mogul Scooter Braun.


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