Keanu Reeves Latest Revelations About Fight Between John Wick And Neo


During the interview, the presenter, Stephen Colbert, asked Reeves Navo and John Wick, the two protagonists of the beloved franchise action, who would win, whether they were both playing with the actor or not?

This question is valid because the series The Matrix and John Wick have excellent action sequences that are distracting or re-emerge after release. For those unfamiliar with the original material, Neo is a hacker who, while knowing that he is a computer simulation who learns to really control his reality, is a man who never plays John Vick. It should do, never confuse.

Reeves is a potential figure who has played a prestigious role over the years. Regrettably, however, Reeves response would have been a little disconcerting.

Neo Vs. John Wick: Keanu Reeves Has the Perfect Answer on Who'd Win

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When Colbert heard this, he tried to bury the star, hesitating to give a cheerful answer. He asked, referring to the shocking event in Vick’s first film, where the death of his dog explains the whole plot of revenge. However, he was put in front of what Reeves had said.

While Colbert offered a case in which Neo accidentally killed John Wick’s dog – citing the basis for the first film in Wick’s franchise – Reeves argues that the characters would never fight as Neo would return the dog, solving the problem. According to Reeves’ response, the actor seems to believe that the two characters are essentially innocent people, that they prefer to resolve any issue without violence but that they have to rely on those stories respectively.

Although the actor did not give his personal appearance in this great match, he still offered the cross to the fans. It’s also important to remember that the slice is the last day, “lover and not a fighter”.

John Wick And Neo cast

However, tell us what do you think the two characters would have won if they had fought? Say it below


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