Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole: When Will Season 2 Release On A&E?


A&E Network has ordered the second season of Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, a documentary that tells the stories of convicted juvenile delinquents who received life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Due to a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court that such mandatory life sentences for minors are unconstitutional, these prisoners can now petition the court for a new sentencing hearing. The second season will give eight convicted criminals the opportunity to fight for a second chance, and will also give a voice to the families of their victims, who will be struggling with the possibility that they may be released soon.

Kids Behind Bars Life or Parole

The series begs the question: Can teens who commit murder really be rehabilitated? In each episode, viewers will hear testimony from leading psychologists, police and legal experts, as well as first-person interviews and interviews with the victims themselves and their victims, so that the judge can understand the full extent of the crimes before being finalized. Verdict.

“A&E is proud to continue our legacy as the home of well-thought-out and timely non-fiction programming with the second season of ‘Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole,'” said A&E Executive Vice President and Chief Programmer Ellen Fronten Bryant.

In 2016, in Montgomery v. Louisiana, the court ruled that its control in Miller v. Alabama should be applied retroactively, giving pre-convicted criminals the opportunity to defend their cases against possible resentment. While some may have resentment for life, others may be released immediately or receive a new sentence that makes them eligible for parole.

Kids Behind Bars

Kids Behind the Bars: Life and Parole are produced by Intellectual Property Corporation, an industrial media company for the A&E network. The IPC executive producers are Eli Holzman, Aaron Sadman, showrunner Mario Diaz and Josh Roffe. A&E executive producers are Ellen Fronten Bryant, Amy Savitsky and Peter Tarshis. The A&E network has worldwide distribution rights for Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole.


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