Luca: Disney And Pixar Teaming Up For The New Movie


If you want to start the summer days on the Italian Riviera with a secret sea monster next year, you want to date the new Disney and Pixar movie, Luca. It gets hot. However, his friends do not know that Luca is a hidden sea monster. So aside from the beauty and charm of the Italian sea, it’s an unforgettable film in our film. Hoagie’s summer adventure that will essentially replace Luca.”

Disney And Pixar

Some have already said that this film seems to call me with the vibrations of your name. Not only is the Disney narrative similar to the 2017 film, “the story of a young boy who lives an unforgettable summer with endless vehicles of gelato, pasta and scooters. Luca is known for sharing his adventures with Life. Dude, but all the fun is threatened by a deep secret …” – but the title has the same name as the film’s director Luca Guadagno.

Although countless movies and TV series have delayed their release or filming dates due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the animation world may be in a strong position not to rely on bringing the cast and crew together in the same room. Lie.

Disney And Pixar cast

There’s no special release date here, Disney’s current theatrical release calendar listed the untested Pixar movie for June 18, 2021. That’s why we can pencil in Lucca. Of course, if we continue to see a delay in the theatrical premiere, everything can go back and forth.

Luca will be released in American theatres on June 18, 2021, if they remain open until then.


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