Mental Samurai Season 2: When Will The New Episodes Release After Its Delay Due To Coronavirus?


Mental Samurai ‘is a game that tests mental abilities, intelligence, agility and knowledge. Due to the good response received for its new delivery, the series was renewed for a second outing. Read on to find out when the second season of Sam Mantle Samurai will be released on the TV screen.

Mental Samurai Season 2 Release Date: When will it be released?

Mental Samurai Season 2

In Mantle Samurai Season 1, it premiered on Fox on March 19, 2019. After 10 episodes, it ended on May 21, 2019.

In February 2020, Fox announced that he had renewed ‘Mantle Samurai’ for a second season. Fox president of alternative entertainment and specials Rob Wade explained why the channel ended its renewal during an interview with Deadline on the TCA Tour 2019. As summer approached and we saw how everything on the networked, it was clear that the [Mental Samurai] classification was, in fact, very solid.

What about Season 2 of the Mental Samurai?

Each episode consists of a group of contestants who have to answer questions with the speed and precision of lightning. While they exceed your brain’s mental ability to interpret questions related to knowledge, memory, riddles, and sequence, they have to when they are transported, in 360-degree rotating pods, that rotate the set at high speed. The best performer in terms of skill, focus and endurance, regardless of background and status, wins and receives the title of “mental samurai”.

Mental Samurai

The program format consists of contestants answering 12 questions in a set of 4 with 3 questions per set. The finalists compete against each other in the final round, called the Samurai Circle, where the best player wins a $ 100,000 cash prize. Season 2 will remain in a similar format with some twists introduced in the game.

To participate, you can register on the official Mental Samurai site. If you make the cut, you will be invited to appear on the show as a contestant. The selection process assesses people’s ability to stay within the mental strength of their brain when their nerves and body are pushed beyond limits.


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