Night Teeth: The Upcoming Netflix Movie Add Vikings Star Alexander Ludwig To The Cast


But those of you trying to come to terms with Ludwig’s future efforts are in luck. It is revealed that the actor will have to work with Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen for a Netflix thriller titled Night Teth.

If it’s your first time hearing about this upcoming Netflix movie, Night Teeth is about young mayhem who picks up two mysterious women for a night out in Los Angeles.

night teeth netflix  cast

Knight Teth marked the first test of Alexander Ludwig in the Netflix world, although depending on how the movie was received, the streaming platform may want to recruit him for its main features. For the behind-the-scenes talents on this particular project, ICUU’s Adam Randall is directing and Brent Dillon has written the script.

However, he did play the role of Bj√∂rn Ironside (who was initially played by Nathan O’Toole), propelling him to fame. The sixth and final season of the series is expected to premiere later this year.

It is also worth noting that Knight Teeth is far from the only project he has come across. Recon and Swing are his next two movies, and almost a year ago it was announced that he would be joining Arrow star Stephen Amell in the upcoming wrestling series Starz Heels. which movies and TV shows are coming out on Netflix next month, as well as our 2020 release later this year. What movies will come with Calendar?

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The story is about a young vigilante (Lendberg Jr.) picking up two mysterious women for a night out in Los Angeles.

But when his passerby reveals a dangerous underworld lurking in his true form and shadow, he must fight to survive. Bob Shai and Erica Steinberg will be the executive producers. PTI RB RB


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